YALONGO members

They are brought together in order to support the cooperative's projects in each of these respective fields of action.

Silveira Marie-ydia


  • Independent Entrepreneur
  • Collective
  • Company

You are already part of the team, you are probably the one who will imagine the future.


Ngue J.G

  • Researcher in Social Sciences
  • Interactive Visualization
  • Business Intelligence Development
  • Web Content Development.

From monitoring data at all stages of their transformation. From the field to digital, we ensure.


Owen Fabrice

  • Electronic enginner

All our systems all operate respectively thanks to a dedicated energy source. The flow passes when the information conducting links are welded, each fulfilling a very specific function. The interest in electronics is the same as elsewhere. Think about a short circuit to maximize the energy potential.


LOMO Rodrigue

  • Researchers in Social Sciences
  • Business Law
  • Agricultural Trade Law
  • Safety and Environment Quality

Revaluing agricultural products and leading them on the path to certification is an important lever for the eco-responsible development of populations. 


NDIWA Steeve

  • Photographe
  • Scenography and interior space

The idea of the witness is very similar to that of the actor. The frozen eye is not frozen, movement alone is a right balance with our thoughts. I evoke the idea of a freedom that has always been acquired.



  • Video Maker
  • Science of the Living-Naturopathy
  • Initiator Oyem

The different environments in which we evolve each day transmit sensitive codes to us to sculpt the relief of our Human temporality.

The research projects supported by OYEM Cooperative concern all areas that can provide an answer to certain local problems.

Health and Naturopathy

The search for health solutions through the African environment is a basis for maintaining the diversity of medical responses. Development in this sense strengthens the legitimacy of the plant kingdom in its diversity.

Ecology and Economy

The stewardship of our communities is based on a particularly rich energy source and a viable local economy. All those who work on the organization of our sets weave the mesh of an infallible social fabric.

Agriculture, Elevage et Pratique Agricole

Le challenge de la production et le maintien de la vie est de mise par le canal d'un savoir faire ancestral porteur de modernité. je test un truc car c'est vraiment chelou. il manque encore quelques mots.

Classic African Humanities

Building a new body in the social sciences is the challenge of research, particularly in Africa, the mastery of which is the basis for innovation and creativity. Knowledge of companies is the voice for solving adapted problems.

Architecture and Mathematics

The composition of everything is a rough equation of the cosmos. Researchers are invited to amplify their intuition in this direction.

Electronics and Computer System

The digital revolution has involved our generations in a very specific information circuit. We invite researchers to understand the fundamental issues related to this new language in order to respond to the many challenges.


*"You cannot be angry at the ignorant. You cannot but pity the self-destructive." VUSAMAZULU CREDO MUTWA
Detail of the Project

You have a project that fits into one of the above themes. You want to give a very speial dimension to your idea. Send us your study plan, all the details concerning the project, the material envisaged, the purpose of your project and your referent. To what extent it corresponds to the needs of our African communities, if you are already supported by a structure, if you apply alone or in a group

Studies for the viability of your project

Once your project has been sent, our team will study your file with methodology and transparency; An analysis concerning the value, the long term, the community and the social impact of your project will be widely favored interests. A rigorous selection with professionals with experience in your field as the only valid filter.

OYEM Financing

The funding principle comes into play when all the validation processes have been completed.OYEM is a supplement that functions as financial insurance for a given period or on a particular project. Confidentiality clauses constitute the first key step between OYEM and yourself. Luck is only good ground preparation !